Twitter opens ad programme to UK & Irish SMEs

Twitter logoYou might’ve expected Twitter’s programme of commercial developments to slow now that its IPO has gone through, but the social network has announced today that it is expanding its self-serve Twitter Ads programme to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, Ireland and Canada.

This means smaller businesses or even individuals can run promoted tweets as well as promoted accounts, as long as they are signed up to Twitter and have a credit card. As with Google AdWords, you can control the budget and the way your campaign is targeted by choosing keywords, interests, location, gender, the device being tweeted from, the similarity to existing followers and so on. You only pay when users engage — either by clicking on a tweet, retweeting it, replying, favouriting or following.

Previously only US-based SMEs were able to use the service – no word yet as to when the self-serve option will be rolled out to the rest of Europe and beyond (Twitter does let some business advertise via hands-on means). You can read Twitter’s post about it on their blog.

Jennifer Whitehead is a freelance journalist, co-founder of Jacoby & Whitehead and interim editor of The Wall. Follow her on Twitter @jenniferesque.