Infographic: 69% of Londoners use their iPhones on the toilet

iphone 5c 2013Where does the UK public use their iPhones? You may not want to know the answer. According to research by OnePoll and Arena Media 69% of Londoners use their iPhone on the toilet.  With the most popular iPhone activity being SMS  (96.2%), it may be something you choose to forget next time you hear the beep.

Calls are the second most popular activity (91.4%), web usage comes third (88.1%) and photos are fourth (79.7%) with pictures of families and friends being the most popular subjects. Only 6.9% of iPhone photographers confess to taking selfies and men are slightly more keen on self portraits than women.

Londoners use their iPhone apps the most throughout the day for everything except photos. The top spot for which is claimed by East Anglia, where 85% of respondents  claim to use photo apps daily. 78% of iPhone users in the North East and London both claim to use exercise apps daily and the region comes second to the capital for using social media and ebook apps.

When it comes to commuting, Londoners are also most likely to pick up their iPhones, with 82.3% admitting to using their handsets on the go. The North East again comes close to challenging London. It takes second place with 73.6%  in the region using their iPhones on the daily commute.

The survey questioned 2,000 respondents between the 13-16 September 2013.

A Snapshot Of UK’s iPhone Habits

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