Instagramers snap more than 21,000 photos for Red Bull extreme diving video

Red Bull Cliff Diving, 'an Instagramer's view'

Red Bull Cliff Diving, ‘an Instagramer’s view’

Red Bull enlisted four of the UK’s top Instagramers last month to take the pictures for a stop motion film about its World Series Diving competition. More than 21,000 photos were taken by @danrubin, @jeera, @chaiwalla and @Finn at the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition in Pembrokeshire in September.

Ten athletes including Gary Hunt, the three-time World Series champion, and Blake Aldridge, the former Olympian, dived from a 27 metre-high platform built especially for the event at The Blue Lagoon near St David’s.

The four Instagramers were briefed to capture the drama and excitement of the day, from the perspective of the crowds to the tension at the high dives. The final images were then selected and spliced together to create the stop motion film, which marks the sixth global leg of the diving competition.

The result of the day’s efforts is a rather beautiful two-minute video, which you can watch along with some more behind-the-scenes footage on The Red Bull Cliff Diving site.