Look for Longer tube game returns

CBS Outdoor Look for Longer The Tube has long been a advertising gold mine, and  online research panel work.shop.play are joining in by bringing back their look for longer game. The original game featured an eye catching poster that contained visual riddles of various well known stations (Barbie and Ken are Barbican, geddit?)

The original game got 578,777 visits from 297,205 unique users across 170 countries to the website. To keep up the popularity the new version of the game has a nice twist – ideas for stations will be crowdsourced. work.shop.play want us to “sketch, design, photograph or even just describe your cryptic station clue” and submit it at http://www.lookforlonger.com/.

CBS Outdoor, parent to work.shop.play, will be releasing posters featuring a desolate London street and a “vacant to let” sign on it. The poster will urge people to submit their ideas via the site by the deadline of October 6th. The best ideas sent in will be given  ‘planning permission’ and then selected to feature in Look for Longer 2. The empty street will once again be filled with the characters and riddles that have been submitted, with those successful being credited for their ideas.  The game will then be posted on the tube and online  so that people can get guessing, and ideas can be shared by the #lookforlonger hashtag.

CBS Outdoor worked in collaboration with creative agency Clinic on the campaign. They clearly feel that the crowdsourcing, far from being a gimmick, is an integral part of engaging potential customers with a brand and a campaign.

Simon Harrington, Marketing Director at CBS Outdoor UK commented:

“This year, we’ve upped the ante by providing whole new level of interactivity. While the game itself will benefit from this crowdsourcing element, there is an important lesson here for marketers; which hinges on the power of engagement. All our research shows that meaningful interaction leads to positive brand affinity.”

The competition is open from today, and work.shop.play are already sharing some of the ideas that are being submitted using social media.

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