Samsung, Jay-Z and their viral successes

Jay-Z and Samsung top viral ad chartSamsung are probably congratulating themselves for a win on bagging a partnership with Jay-Z.

According to social video expert Unruly, who furnish Campaign with data for our weekly viral ad chart, the recent tie-up that has seen the music mogul give away his newest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, to a million Samsung Galaxy owners, has generated more than half a million shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.

The shares are across two recent videos by Mr Z (pronounced Zed) – a three-minute documentary-style offering that explores his creative processes and positions him as a digital-thinker who has seen a change in the music industry and wants to provide a better user experience – and, I’m sure at some point, make a shed load more money?

The second is a slightly shorter, one minute reminder to users – lots of the same clips from the first, but this time designed to highlight the launch – the album “dropped” yesterday (4 July).

And it’s working – the original video has now been viewed just shy of 24 million times and the newest offering (topping this week’s viral ad chart) just over 19.5 million.

Even assuming there’s some returning viewers, that’s not bad for less than five minutes of video content.

And viewing and sharing figures on the first video (now accounting for around 300,000 of those combined shares) makes a good argument for longer form content too – we may be well into the YouTube generation, but people are still happy to watch something for longer than five seconds if there’s a celebrity and something free on offer.