Infographic: fashionable fight for fans on Facebook

beyonce for H&MResearch conducted on social software specialist Expion over the last week (25th June- 3rd July) shows which of the UK’s favourite high-street retailers were most successful at getting their fans excited about their brand on Facebook.

The top ten posts below are based on the posts that sparked the greatest number of fan actions – comments, shares and likes.

Overall, it’s clear from the analysis and top ten posts of the week that fashion brands, using a wealth of beautiful imagery and with a firm finger on the pulse of pop culture, are generally very good at engaging fans on Facebook. In total accumulating 3,621,474 fan actions over the week between them.

The top ten posts are dominated by H&M (pictured) and Forever 21, with the most popular post of the week coming from Forever 21 – an updated photo album featuring clothes lines for the coming season. Notably, Zara, ASOS and French Connection all failed to make the top ten.

By focusing on the specifics of the infographic below, we can draw some interesting conclusions about what strategy – if any – is being deployed by different brands. And more importantly, what’s working and what isn’t.

H&M was the most effective engager last week achieving the highest volume of likes, comments and shares for a relatively low number of posts (just 12). This demonstrates an ability to actively listen to users feedback and put out content that is relevant, shareable and therefore engages the brand’s dedicated fan base. A good example of this is the second most popular post of the week –  a Look Book for the coming weekend and a simple, engaging question which is universally relevant –‘Don’t know what to wear this weekend? See our fabulous collection of must-have pieces’.

GAP also managed to land a place in the top 10 following an upload of an image featuring two men in one t-shirt. GAP posts fairly regularly but compared to Forever 21, a brand posting 38 times last week, GAP is relatively inactive on Facebook, posting only 13 posts during the same period. The reaction to this post proves that by talking about current affairs and making your Facebook page more than just a promotional tool, brands can spark peak levels of engagement with customers they wouldn’t normally achieve.

On the other hand, it’s clear regular engaging features on social media inviting users to get involved also work as great calls to action. Forever 21 proved itself as a social savvy brand once again by making it in to the top ten with the regular #printoftheweek what are you wearing post.

fashion retail facebook infographic