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Buying back in


TomCross_ScreenshotYears ago, when I was living and working in Sydney, one conversation that would often be repeated in the bar after work was around the merits of the social networks MySpace and Bebo. As MySpace was the first social network that I truly embraced*, I obviously fought its corner and was somewhat sceptical of the arguments of some of my fellow British colleagues in favour of Bebo. It was around the same time that another relatively unknown site began to be talked about, and tentatively explored by both sides of the divide; a site which would ultimately render our discussions futile. That site was called Facebook. Read more on Buying back in…

Samsung, Jay-Z and their viral successes

Jay-Z and Samsung top viral ad chartSamsung are probably congratulating themselves for a win on bagging a partnership with Jay-Z.

According to social video expert Unruly, who furnish Campaign with data for our weekly viral ad chart, the recent tie-up that has seen the music mogul give away his newest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, to a million Samsung Galaxy owners, has generated more than half a million shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.

The shares are across two recent videos by Mr Z (pronounced Zed) – a three-minute documentary-style offering that explores his creative processes and positions him as a digital-thinker who has seen a change in the music industry and wants to provide a better user experience – and, I’m sure at some point, make a shed load more money?

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Infographic: fashionable fight for fans on Facebook

beyonce for H&MResearch conducted on social software specialist Expion over the last week (25th June- 3rd July) shows which of the UK’s favourite high-street retailers were most successful at getting their fans excited about their brand on Facebook.

The top ten posts below are based on the posts that sparked the greatest number of fan actions – comments, shares and likes.

Overall, it’s clear from the analysis and top ten posts of the week that fashion brands, using a wealth of beautiful imagery and with a firm finger on the pulse of pop culture, are generally very good at engaging fans on Facebook. In total accumulating 3,621,474 fan actions over the week between them.

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Wimbledon on social media: are sponsors being talked about?

Andy Murray RADOWhat do you think of when someone says Wimbledon? Top quality tennis played at one of the most iconic sporting venues in the world, classic moments such as McEnroe’s ‘you cannot be serious’ outburst in the 80s, or perhaps the traditional strawberries and cream dessert spring to mind? For us, a big part of Wimbledon is linked with Robinsons. The iconic drinks brand that has been part of the sponsorship of Wimbledon for as long as we care to remember (roughly 78 years … and no we’re not that old).

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The space before the brand: fertile ground for marketing

expedia campaign by deleteAudiences demand more from the media and advertising that surrounds and interrupts them.

Let’s simplify things. We are trying to sell people stuff. A hard sell, a knock on the door isn’t going to work, unless people have made a decision based on need and are ready to transact.

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Will Twitter’s millions of users be aware of need to opt-out of retargeting ad model?

TwitterLaptop4As a pithy quote “users won’t see more ads on Twitter, but they may see better ones” is right on the money in an age where users enrage at disruptive ads in their social media news feeds.

Like all announcements from Twitter, the micro-blogging site’s piloting of its new ad format- which will promote content from brands which users have previously shown interest in into their news feeds- has garnered much attention and heated debate.

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