‘Awkward shake’ – a viral that’s gone viral and is still relevant to the brand

awkward shake

For Goodness Shakes is a protein shake whose brand proposition is that instead of you having to do the hard work to dissolve the protein powder, it’s already been done for you.

Which is why this slightly cheeky viral, created by Quiet Storm and seeded by The 7th Chamber, works so well. The joke is funny but it actually ties in with For Goodness Shakes’ selling point.

When I watched it, I was getting visions of clients listening to the pitch and reacting the way one of those ‘but we’re a Mid-Western, family-owned company’ clients does to a Sterling Cooper pitch, before someone stepped in with a Don Draper style inspirational speech about how it’s ‘not about wanking, it’s about your life being better’.

But Jon Howard, strategy and planning director at Quiet Storm, says otherwise.

“The client came to us with the brief, no money and wanting to create some noise among a young male audience. Their creative vision was,” he says, “quite broad. They were pushing us to go further.”

It’s all very well to declare one’s intent to make a viral, but another thing when it actually starts to go viral – in this case more than three-quarter of a million views racked up on YouTube in a fortnight. Howard admits the agency has become quite addicted to watching the number of views shoot up, as YouTube updates the stats.

  • destacpoole

    I don’t like this advert. It is strange and not funny. The only funny part was the lady in the office. Why cant you shake your protein drink above the waste. People are not restricted to just this area.

  • guest

    love it

  • Brian

    Just Stfu yeah?