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Grow with Twitter conference: the take outs

twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteTwitter held their UK agency launch, ‘Grow with Twitter’, last Tuesday at the London Film Museum. A really slick event at a great venue with plenty of inspirational speakers, it was interesting to hear what they had to say about advertising on the platform.

When Twitter launched I was pretty skeptical about how it could integrate effective advertising into its offering. But I’ve become a convert. The opportunity to deliver targeted and relevant advertising based on a user’s intent and interests is immense.  Every time you tweet that you are “excited about going to Wimbledon” or “can’t wait for my holiday in Ibiza”, you are sending a powerful signal that allows advertisers to respond with hugely relevant messages.

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‘Awkward shake’ – a viral that’s gone viral and is still relevant to the brand

awkward shake

For Goodness Shakes is a protein shake whose brand proposition is that instead of you having to do the hard work to dissolve the protein powder, it’s already been done for you.

Which is why this slightly cheeky viral, created by Quiet Storm and seeded by The 7th Chamber, works so well. The joke is funny but it actually ties in with For Goodness Shakes’ selling point.
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How Cannes could have taken innovation further

cokecanMy heart sang when I heard that the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity was introducing an innovation category, and that it was awarding real projects rather than just prototypes.

As Harvard Business School’s Theodore Levitt said “creativity as it’s commonly defined—the ability to come up with brilliantly novel ideas—can actually be destructive to businesses. By failing to take into account practical matters of implementation, big thinkers can inspire organisational cultures dedicated to abstract chatter rather than purposeful action. In such cultures, innovation never happens—because people are always talking about it but never doing it.”
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