Daily Archives: 1 July, 2013

A new way for virtual fans to connect with brands in the real world

Facebook fan-gateIf you’re a business with lots of Facebook fans that you’d like to entice into your premises, this idea might be of interest: a way of linking loyalty cards with customers’ Facebook accounts, and identifying them when they’re on site.

The RFID technology isn’t new but the application is interesting and obviously has many possibilities for being used in creative ways.


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Dog Digital launch Facebook apps for T in the Park

Music FestivalWhile many people are still recovering from Glastonbury this weekend, at Dog Digital they’re ready and raring to go to Scottish festival, T in the Park. In fact, they are so excited about the festival that they’ve launched not just one, but two, Facebook applications to celebrate the festival.

The first app is called Crowd Hunt, and users are challenged to find 30 of the bands hidden in amongst the crowd – it’s shockingly addictive and a great way to remind people of the top bands playing at the festival. The other apps is called Line Up and allows users to drag and drop in their utlimate 20 strong T in the Park lineup from the festival’s 20-year history.

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Say hello to simple and seamless display advertising

seamless advertisingWhat was that age-old saying? Too many cooks spoil the broth. For many, this sage proverb sums up one of the greatest challenges faced in the display advertising industry today. In the past, the process of getting an online advert in front of a consumer has always been a people process. Yet, as the maxim warns us, the more people involved in a system, the more complex it becomes. When a single advert has to be run through a stack of people from the advertiser, to the media planner, to the publisher, inconsistency is bound to plague a campaign.

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