Why the Nivea sun care campaign is so flipping brilliant

Nivea solar charger adIn the unlikely event that you’ve missed the coverage of Nivea’s amazing sun care advertising campaign, here’s a reminder of just how blooming clever it is.

It featured an ad that ran in a Brazilian magazine promoting Nivea’s sun care range. The ad also included a solar powered mobile phone charger – suggesting that readers could bake in the sun, safely protected by Nivea sunscreen, while their mobile phones charged up.

Created by Giovanni+Draftfcb, it really ticks all the boxes for great advertising. It has talkability, obviously; it’s as far from being an ‘interruption’ as possible, in fact consumers will seek it out; the brand synergies are perfect; and it gave the agency a legitimate excuse to create a film explaining the campaign that features young women in bikinis. A film which is being watched and shared far beyond the reach of the original ad.

Might as well get in now with the rash prediction: if this campaign doesn’t scoop every international award going, including a few for which it isn’t even eligible, then I’ll eat my (sun)hat.

Watch this video for details. Then start coming up with excuses to use when your client from that cleaning products brand starts demanding that s/he wants ‘a Nivea phone charger’ too.

  • graydogg

    Surely it isnt that responsible to promote staying out in the sun all day?

  • Zip

    The takeaway completely disregards the product. The smarter version would have been to include a sample of the product with the charger/ad. And, yes it was memorable but hardly the most cost efficient. Anyone know how much this campaign ran for print production alone?

  • Tom Griffiths ☝

    outrageous Nike ad about 34 seconds in…?

  • Hellman_l

    where do i get one?

  • http://www.facebook.com/fabian.keppens Fabian Keppens

    Cool ! But have you ever been to Copacabana? I’s heaven for pickpockets as well. I predict a wonderful summer for them too.

  • Tamara J. Wilhelm

    the charger should be on the product or product packaging, that why they have to buy the product, use it and then are able to charge their phones.
    just sayin’

  • manshi

    soo cool