How do consumers interact with video on social media? [infographic]

A useful infographic here looking at how social media users interact with video and what actions they take.

For instance how many retweet a piece of video and how long do consumers spend watching video?

As brands produce more video content more of us are watching it. Now as many as 46% of consumers watch brand videos, which is a great opportunity as YouTube and now Vine are often under utilised by some brands.

  • Peter Fruhmann

    Still think that all that does not lead to a brand – customer dialogue, in the sense of the brand being curious as to the drives and desires of customers, not asking ‘Do you like my story?’. and the customer not getting a chance to share his story and experience of the brand with it. It still looks like sending and hoping for the old AIDA, with the stress on AI. A higher brand awareness is not a guarantee for a long term brand-customer relationship, a dialogue (the exchange and sharing of stories) is. But that’s me, after 30 years in the business and a believer in storytelling…

  • James Intriligator

    WELL, I hate to be a spoil-sport, but I am afraid that it is almost impossible to interpret anything from any of the facts above. Even if I could understand exactly what the authors are trying to say, I fear that there are confounds upon confounds. Take the last one, for example, “Viewer enjoyment of brand videos results in…”. So, are they saying that OF the millions of people exposed to the video, those who chose to watch it (note: they already had an inkling of a need/desire and had enough interest in the video to click it), then IF they watch the whole thing (self-select again), and IF they enjoy it (wow – talk about a small few), then that select-select-select group will be more favorable to the brand (and more likely to purchase, etc) than those who never even noticed the video in the first place? not at all surprising or informative. OR (being more charitable), are they saying that ((go through same filters)) at the end, people who enjoyed the video are (a,B,andC) compared to those who did NOT enjoy it? (why would they would watch the whole thing and not enjoy it? — likely some percent are brand-haters who watch-to-hate). Anyway, I believe almost all the things above can be subject to similar criticism… sorry :(

  • Joel Berman

    What I really want to know is if I have X dollars to spend, should I do a video, emails, banners, interactive web page, SEM, ……. I can tell you that short videos on websites are performing better and better over the last year for me. SO I think video is becoming more important. I will save these stats and the next time I see some video stats I will compare them.