A demographic portrait of Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook users

A useful study here from the ‘Pew Research Center’ taking a look at the demographic make-up of US social media users across Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. No data on LinkedIn of Google+, but great stats all the same.

It is no surprise how fast Twitter user numbers have grown, Pew says they have doubled since November 2010 and now has around 500 million in total with around 200 million who are active, but Pinterest is almost on a par with the percentage of internet users using it service.

Pinterest remains heavily skewed to women, it is also “whiter” and its users are better educated. Instagram also has more women users, as does Facebook. Twitter is the only network where there are more men (although LinkedIn if it were included would lead in this category).

Twitter users

The percentage of internet users who are on Twitter has doubled since November 2010, currently standing at 16%.  Those under 50, and especially those 18-29, are the most likely to use Twitter.  Urban-dwellers are significantly more likely than both suburban and rural residents to be on Twitter.

Twitter demographics

Pinterest users

Pinterest has attracted 15% of internet users to its virtual scrapbooking and with the announcement earlier this week that it is revamping its service with brand tags that could grow.

Whites, young people, the well-educated, those with higher income, and women are particularly likely to use the site.  Pinterest is equally popular among those 18-29 and 30-49 (19%).  Women are about five times as likely to be on the site as men, the largest difference in gender of any site featured in this report.

Pinterest demographics

Instagram users

Thirteen percent of internet users are taking and sharing pictures with Instagram. It seems to be a fact that women like to take pictures more than men on their smartphones.

Women are more likely than men to use the site, as are those under 50.  African-Americans and Hispanics are more likely than whites to use Instagram, along with urban residents.


Tumblr users

Tumblr is significantly less popular among internet users than the other social networking sites featured in this report.  Will Yahoo be able to make it more popular now that it has splashed $1.1bn?

Just 6% of those online use the site.  It is much more popular, however, among the youngest cohort — 13% of those 18-29 are blogging on Tumblr.


Facebook users

Facebook remains the most-used social networking platform, as two-thirds of online adults say that they are Facebook users.

Women again are more likely than men to be Facebook users, and Facebook use is especially common among younger adults.

Facebook demographics

  • Callifrey

    A couple of real eye-openers, here. the tiny amount of internet users on most platforms,and the domination of Facebook when compared to others. Are your customers really online? If you are unsure, we can help: http://www.standardmarketing.ca

  • Lewis

    I think it’s the under 18s that are most important, as they will truly pave the way for the future of social media – no data for teenagers using social media? I suspect this data would be more revealing.

  • guest

    I think these surveys are not valid when they are somehow touted as globally relevant and are conducted on an American internet audience. There is no information on how the survey telephone numbers were selected and why was the Facebook sample half the size of all the others?

  • Callifrey

    These comments show the real problems behind interest advertising: Age and Geographic location. it’s almost as if we have inherited the US style of advertising, where the extra-long teenage years are the current ‘fad’. Why don’t we advertise to our own people in our own way?