The Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers for 2013 [infographic]

Forbes recently released its Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers and now they have been brought together in this stat-tastic infographic.

Anyone else who you think should be on the list? They are most American, but a few from this side of theAtlantic.

Forbes used Peek Analytics, which gives people a pull score, as the tool to measure influence and evaluated bloggers and social media users who create their own content. That is quite an important distinction from the aggregators. 

One things that has changed since last year’s list is that it is more gender balanced with the Top 10 equally divided between men and women.

This year has list institutional/employer based players and more “self-starters” or to put it another way those “who have made social media their business, or who are advising on how to make social media your business”.

The Top Ten includes the likes of Sean Gardner,  writes at Huffington Post. Forbes said he blended social media insight with inspirational messaging.

To show that gender balance, number two in the list is Ann Tran who writes primarily about social media in the travel and hospitality market.

The Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers for 2013

Infographic via Sefton Media.

  • Edward Harkins

    Err… it’s very USA-centric. *Who* are these people *influencing* and how is that *influence* measured’? This exercise does seem to be (on the information available) just an old-style number crunching.

  • Christo

    ARE YOU KIDDING? the majority of these are spam accounts, who follow people, then immediately unfollow if you don’t follow back. This list is based on volume of followers, not engagement, or behaviour – it’s not a list of people who are ‘social’ but people who are shouty, spamming, follower-harvesters. These are the people who call themselves ‘social gurus’ on their bios, but spend their whole existence punting our linkbait and blogs about themselves – this is not social. Forbes being so utterly naive and brainless to honour this kind of crap as a ‘Power 50’ shows an incredible degree of naivety. I’ve argued with a couple of people on this list – Farnworth among them – for being nothing but spammers. Honestly, this crap makes my blood boil.

  • Mr Matt Anderson

    Sorry any poll that does not include Seth Godin, Guy kawasaki, Eric Schmidt, Loic Le Muir and Brian Solis…. oh not to mention Mark Zuckerberg regarding social media is rubbish to me.

    Also I don’t rate the data that was used to measure ‘influence’ for this. I suggest have a lot of followers and Tweet a lot was the primary measure?

  • Mr Matt Anderson

    Glad I am not the only one that is banging his head on the desk at the moment…

  • Jeremy Taylor

    Wow. What a load of rubbish. Forbes still haven’t got beyond counting followers then?

  • Steven Sefton

    Hi Matt, I agree that no list can ever be an accurate measure of influence. You mentioned Seth Godin, he doesn’t use social media and Guy Kawasaki has multiple feeds pushing out his content and he hardly ever responds to people so he’s one of the biggest spammers out there. Zuck might have created Facebook but that’s all his influence lies.

  • Steven Sefton

    For people like myself we know who influences us but for the ones who are really getting to grips and for the ones looking to start a career in social media, I hope what they can take from this list, is to do more or do better.

  • thomwong

    Who are any of these people? “People who work in social media.”


  • gordonmacmillan

    Completely agree re Guy Kawasaki. He employs people to post for him and he doesn’t engage. Steven is completely right — in that he is no model for social media engagement.

    This list isn’t great but there are s e interesting people on it but there are also some more Kawasakij types.

  • Warren Whitlock

    I was just doing so research for some changes I’m making based on new things I learned Guy Kawasaki this week. The taught me more about Twitter than anyone and was the reason I got involved, became the author of the first book on Twitter and most all, never automate what’s important on social media.

    I don’t agree with all he does by a long shot. In my book, that’s very influential :)

  • Mr Matt Anderson

    Look Guy has tweeted me in the past but yes, even by his own admittance he reposts tweets several times across time zones and is very ‘fly-by-wire’ But he created Alltop amongst other things which is influential.

    I don’t agree with social metrics along followers, mentions and ‘rank’ as a measure of influence.

    Who out of that list has anyone heard of (Aaron Lee not included) and who could fill a room at a drop of a hat?

    Seth doesn’t actively engage on Twitter (there are feeds out there) but I count blogging as social media’. And when he posts we listen…