Daily Archives: 26 April, 2013

Facebook buy Parse to add new revenue stream

Facebook has bought Parse, the mobile-backend-as-a-service startup which has just raised $7m in funding, in what Techcrunch believes is an $85mdeal.

Parse is two years old, and is the brainchild of ex Google staff and Y Combinator graduates who decided to build a set of back-end tools that mobile developers could use, and allows developers to build cross-platform apps for iOS and Android.

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Marketers should put strategy before everything else when it comes to content marketing

Content discovery is emerging as a highly significant part of the marketing mix.

Recent research found that 55% of in-house and 58% of agency respondents were planning content marketing strategies in the future and two-thirds of in-house marketers (64%) agreed that content marketing is becoming a discipline in its own right as the online space becomes more competitive than ever and brands compete to keep audience attention. Read More »

The top 25 most engaged brands on Twitter [infographic]

BBC News, Chelsea and Arsenal are three of the British brands among those that score the highest levels of engagement on Twitter, according to this infographic from Nestivity.

What’s interesting from the research here is that despite some brands such as @JetBlue, @AmericanExpress and @WholeFoods having more than one million followers each, they don’t generate a huge amount of engagement. Read More »

Act like water – how digital marketers can embrace technology whilst staying true to their brand

A river knows where it is going – weaving its way across lands, around mountains, and through valleys, and a river is also dynamic, responding to its landscape, but never losing sight of its end goal – the sea.  And just like a river it is crucial that brands themselves become dynamic and fluid, sure of where they want to flow to, even if they must navigate a changing landscape to get there.

So – two big challenges lie ahead for brands, knowing exactly where the brand wants to go, but remaining dynamic and responsive to change.  The challenge for most is being able to cope with the multi-dimensionality of change – change in technology, society, buying habits etc. Read More »