Daily Archives: 25 April, 2013

The job of journalism now is not to compete with Twitter but to coexist

A good read from Suzanne Moore on the Guardian on how Twitter has changed journalism.

There has been so much written about its impact this past week, some of which I touched on yesterday regarding Boston, and last month in a piece looking at ‘how Twitter won the social media battle for journalism’. Read More »

If Isaac Newton worked in a digital creative agency…

It’s something of a contentious point these days, but digital creative agencies are still, primarily, purveyors of truth.

It may often be dressed up in words like ‘engagement’, ‘shareable’ and ‘social’, but the strongest of their creative ideas still have a solid truism at the core.

So it’s interesting to consider the quote of Isaac Newton, one of history’s greatest original thinkers, that ‘Truth is the offspring of silence and unbroken meditation‘.


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Facebook data and new technology provide the key to tailored content

There’s little doubt of the power that Facebook wields in day-to-day public life. After all, the world’s premier social network now has its own medical condition dedicated to it. Depending on your viewpoint, the abbreviation FAD (that’s Facebook Addiction Disorder for the uninitiated) represents an ironic statement or an accurate prediction of its longevity.

One thing is for certain; that technology has changed consumer behaviour irrevocably and as a result, the amount of data that companies are able to access on their target audience has never been greater. This provides businesses with a huge challenge as they look to decipher granular behavioural insights amid an Atlantic Ocean of data. Read More »

Twitter’s keyword targeting is the next big thing (if you can afford it)

Last week we attended Twitter’s Twitter4Brands conference – an annual event showcasing some of the latest developments by the platform and some innovative or standout case studies.

The big news from a product perspective is real-time keyword targeting. This new (paid) functionality allows marketers to potentially put their tweet in front of anyone discussing a problem to which their product or service might offer the solution, or even ‘double target’ by highlighting those watching a TV show where a TVC has been aired, then following up with a tweet to hammer the point home. Read More »

Online Advertising: Questions of Time and Doctor Who

It’s difficult to talk about time without stumbling into cliched phrases, but it seems right to talk about the importance of time for two reasons. The importance of time-spent cropped up in a recent survey conducted by the IPA that ranked the best  in the industry. I should take this chance to congratulate the guys at InSkin, who pipped us to the post by a mere 0.7%. Such a close run race shows that clients really do have a choice of quality partners.

But given that the technologies we use is broadly similar – it’s the X factors that create the differentiation, and most of these X factors are determined by the relationship with the client: the quality of brief responses, the delivery of innovative content solutions,  proactive communication of opportunities, regular constructive contact with the sales team, and the all-important agency/media owner partnership. Read More »