Calendar of more than 120 events for UK marketers [infographic]

Marketers Events Calendar for the UKContent, data, digital, marketing, mobile, PR and social media… The industry changes so fast and to stay on your game you need to be tuning into great resources like The Wall (yay for you, you’re already ticking that box), the ever decreasing number of trade magazines and of course events.

There are a handful of big, agenda-setting conferences in the UK that everyone knows about and many will attempt to go along to one or more during the year.  But, there are a number of other events that may fly under the radar, and many niche (social media for the military, pharmaceutical or utility industries for example)  or focused conferences (if you’re looking for an event solely about content or data – 2013 is your year) that are worth considering.
As you can see from our Marketers Events Calendar (#MECinfographic) below, the sheer number of events available to attend can be overwhelming… but you have to first know that they exist before you can go along, right?

With so many events being held all over the UK, it can be a challenge for event organisers to get details of their conference in front of potential delegates (and some do it better than others).  But for those of us looking to go along and network, keep up-to-date or even apply to be a speaker, we need to know what’s happening and when.  It’s not feasible (or even possible) to go to every event so having an understanding of the space can be really valuable.

We’ve scoured publishers, event organisers, news resources and more to compile a comprehensive list of events for marketers.  In fact, there’s over 120 events listed in the Marketers Events Calendar for 2013 covering a range of areas that marketers, PRs and other such folk should be tuning into.  Some 2012 events haven’t been confirmed for 2013 as yet, so these have been coloured in grey.

There’s naturally a direct correlation between the increasing importance of social media, digital and mobile and the growing number of industry events for people working within this space.  We knew there were a lot, but it was still surprising to get a better picture of the sheer number of them.  As far as I’m aware, it’s one of the most comprehensive lists of UK events of this nature.

The UK, London in particular, is an international hub and events regularly welcome attendees from mainland Europe, Africa, Asia and further afield who have come specifically to attend a conference or three.  Others come here for business or on holiday and then search for events that coincide with their trip, so we hope the calendar will be a helpful resource for our international counterparts as well.

We’ll be updating the calendar regularly throughout the year, so if you know of an event (or you’re an event organiser) that’s not included, or have details that may need to be changed then please let us know (contact details for doing that are on the infographic).

What events have you been to or planning on going to this year, and why?

Rachel Hawkes is an account director at communications consultancy Elemental @elementalcomms.