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Calendar of more than 120 events for UK marketers [infographic]

Marketers Events Calendar for the UKContent, data, digital, marketing, mobile, PR and social media… The industry changes so fast and to stay on your game you need to be tuning into great resources like The Wall (yay for you, you’re already ticking that box), the ever decreasing number of trade magazines and of course events.

There are a handful of big, agenda-setting conferences in the UK that everyone knows about and many will attempt to go along to one or more during the year.  But, there are a number of other events that may fly under the radar, and many niche (social media for the military, pharmaceutical or utility industries for example)  or focused conferences (if you’re looking for an event solely about content or data – 2013 is your year) that are worth considering. Read More »

Associated Press Twitter hacked causes stock market crash and account suspension

Associated Press had its Twitter account hacked yesterday, and inaccurate tweets posted in its name caused panic and financial turmoil.

The tweets that came from the verified account declared that there had been two explosions in the White House, and that President Barack Obama had been injured.

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The Twitter news network, Reddit and social media journalism

News of The Boston terrorist attack broke first on TwitterThere have already been so many pieces written about the Boston bombings and the role that social media played in the news coverage, but I wanted to add something on what have been the two main focuses.

We have seen social media play a number of parts, some of which I wrote about here last week, but Twitter and Reddit have been the talking points as the media and social media champions have gone back and forth debating the impact they had in the reporting of the attacks and the subsequent manhunt. Read More »

Tesco and Coca Cola join Facebook’s first UK marketing advisory board

Facebook announces formation of the UK Advisory BoardCoca-Cola, Tesco and EE are among the brands who have been invited to join Facebook’s first UK marketing Advisory Board in what is being seen as a move to boost its reputation among marketers and agencies and to drive advertising spend.

The UK Advisory Board will meet approximately four times a year to discuss product development, campaign measurement and insights, and marketing best practices.

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