Little problems cause biggest customer frustrations [infographic]

Businesses often strive for customer loyalty, but little frustrations such as poor service, lack of integration between online and offline stores, and purchases requiring too much effort on the consumers part have caused them to take their business elsewhere.

Consumers are not just stuck to shopping at one store or using one service provider, meaning they can be choosy about where they buy their goods, and 58% of customers have terminated contracts or changed suppliers because of continued service failings, showed a survey by Redwood. 

The survey found consumers top aggravations include the hassle of returning purchases online (57%), having to repeat personal information to customer operators after already giving the same information to a telephone operating system (55%) and waiting for an assistant to check stock room inventory (45%).

On top of this over 83% of customers have left a store because they couldn’t find what they were looking for easily, with the figure not much better for online stores at 73%.

Tijl Vuyk, CEO of Redwood, said: “It’s often the little problems that cause the biggest issues. In a time where customer loyalty is dead, brand reputation is critical and speedy service is imperative, it’s surprising how many businesses are ignoring these disconnected little things.”

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