5 Summer UK Blogging Meetups to Travel with Purpose

Blogging is an activity fit for anyone, from professionals to those looking to put their thoughts into words or pictures and share them with the wider world, but we all need guidance if we want to get better at it. Thankfully, there are groups out there that specialize in just that, located all over the United Kingdom – you just need to know where to look for them.

If you plan to spend some time traveling around the region this vacation season, check out any or all of these five summer UK blogging meetups to travel with purpose:

1. Writers and Bloggers Meetup Group

While invigorating, introspective, and sometimes even profitable, writing can be a very lonely endeavor, and this Birmingham-based group aims to solve that problem by bringing writers together in order to socialize, get to know one another, and form lasting friendships. All of that social goodness aside, you can also expect to gain the kinds of insight that wordsmiths need most as you rub shoulders with people who share your interest in writing and blogging.

When and Where: These meetups take place at various locations around Birmingham throughout the year, giving you ample opportunities to find a get together that suits your schedule and location.

2. Edinburgh Internet Marketing Meetup Group

Blogging may boil down to writing, but successful blogging takes much more, making a good mind for internet marketing a valuable tool as you take your endeavors to the next level. That’s exactly what the Edinburgh Internet Marketing Meetup Group hopes to help you to achieve, bringing together bloggers of all kinds to find their inner marketer, all with the goal of helping your blog to hit new levels of success.

When and Where: A trip up north to the historic city of Edinburgh, Scotland is required to take part in this group of internet marketing and blogging pros! If you need a place to stay during your travels, you can always find something nice and inexpensive at cheaprooms!

3. London Bloggers and Microbloggers Club

Drawing bloggers, social media enthusiasts, and web professionals of all shapes and sizes, the London Bloggers and Microbloggers Club offers exactly the platform you need to get to know and interact with your local colleagues in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. While the focus here is the work we do, there is no less time for fun, allowing you to help balance your life’s goals, all in one place.

When and Where: The big and beautiful city of London, England plays host to these meetups, taking place at various locations around town on a regular basis, all year round!

4. Hacks/Hackers Dublin

Embracing the inevitable coming together of print and digital media, the Hacks/Hackers group in Dublin brings together traditional journalists and new media enthusiasts in order to discuss the future of bringing information to the world, whether it be via a blog, a news website, or a printed newspaper.

When and Where: Stop by the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland in order to check out what’s going on with the Hacks/Hackers group all summer long.

5. The Wessex Writer’s Cafe

The Wessex Writer’s Cafe is just getting off of the ground, but you’ll find a good group of passionate people who care about their writing as much as they care about each other, making for great small talk, learning, and general fun over coffee and cake on Saturday mornings!

When and Where: Make a weekend pitstop in Bournemouth, England for these light, yet thorough, meetups for writers, with each taking place in a local cafe in order to have quick access to the necessary cake and coffee!

Anna Fox writes about social media tools, and is passionate about active lifestyle, healthy food, and self-improvement. Follow her on Facebook.

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