02’s Ronan Dunne on why CEOs need to be on Twitter

Ronan Dunne O2A really good interview here with Ronan Dunne the CEO of O2 UK talking about Twitter and how he uses it.

While there are plenty of senior executives who use Twitter it still isn’t exactly the norm, but as Dunne makes clear it is essential for him.

He talks about his use of the platform – and how his company uses it, but what’s particularly interesting is that he says before he joined O2 he didn’t think that Twitter was for him. He didn’t see it as necessary, it was something that other people did.

He’s a chief executive officer, after all, and probably has a great deal else to do in running one of the UK’s biggest mobile phone networks.

However, once he had joined O2 and saw how customers and staff were using it he knew that he had to be on it.

It highlights a perfect point about how brands, and those who lead them, need to be where their customers are and that means social media.

Social media, both Twitter and Facebook, has become the customer service front-line in many cases for a lot of brands.

It is where many consumers, tired of call centres, now increasingly turn first. When they do turn brands need to be ready for them.

Dunne is @ronandunneO2 on Twitter.