Off to join Twitter

After a long time at Haymarket Media I’m leaving to join Twitter. It is a huge move for me and one that I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve spent about 15 years working in digital journalism and most of that has been as editor of Brand Republic, which I helped launch and has been something that I have greatly enjoyed, and latterly as social media editor.

BrandRepublicwas always about the intersection of brands and media and we’ve always done very well at telling great stories about brands – something I hope our readers would agree about.

For me that whole process became more interesting and more fun with the arrival of social media and it is something I’ve really enjoyed championing. I’ve loved how the conversation has become a key aspect of marketing and how all of us can take part in it.

WithBrandRepublic, I think we were early to social. First with blogs, setting up a large network of blogs six or seven years ago having run a number of forums before that. Out of the dozens of blogs we ran we later distilled that down to create some larger and more significant blogs such as The Wall blog, which I set up three years ago.

The idea of creating The Wall wasBrandRepublic’s way of giving more of a focus and a voice to our social media coverage and to bring in a wide range of industry commentators. It has been great little success story for us and it has been really rewarding to see it grow and secure its place among the many good blogs and digital media sites out there.

The Wall has grown hand in hand with social media, which we have all seen explode over the last few years. During that time we’ve tried to highlight some of the best brand stories, great technology and best practice ideas.

Twitter has been a big part of that, a huge part really. It might be seven years old now, but its story has been amplified over the last three years and for me, with the US presidential election last year, 2012 was like Twitter’s coming out party.

With the addition of its ad platform it has becomes increasingly essential to brands and how they engage with consumers. I read earlier this year about how one editor said she wouldn’t hire anyone who wasn’t on Twitter. It is that core. I think the same is now true for brands.

As Twitter has grown, as it has threaded its way deeper into our working and social lives, it has become the most appealing aspect of the stories I’ve been writing.

Part of that is because for me personally Twitter answers a lot of the questions about social media and how brands engage more effectively than any other social platform – although of course they all have their role.

That’s why when a role came up as editorial manager working with the marketing and sales team at TwitterUKI really couldn’t resist the opportunity.

It’s a different kind of role to the one that I’ve been doing, but the core is the same. It is about writing and tweeting and bringing interesting stories to life about how brands are using Twitter and how others can get the best out of it.

I’ve loved Twitter as a user, the conversations, the discovery of content and ideas, and using it to promote the brands I work on and I’m looking forward to doing much more of the same at Twitter.

  • Claire Dunford

    Sounds like a great move for you Gordon. Congratulations, but sad to hear that you’re leaving.

  • Unofficial Partner

    Congratulations Gordon, really pleased for you. Well done etc.

  • Cillllllll

    Congrats Gordan, they’re lucky to have you joining

  • gordonmacmillan

    Cheers guys

  • Guy Bailey

    EDIT – DUH! Sorry you’re going Gordon.

  • Ardi Kolah

    Many congrats Gordon – they are very lucky to have you. You’ve done an outstanding job for BR and I look forward to hearing what you will do for Twitter! I wish you all the best in your new role. Keep in touch!

  • gordonmacmillan

    Thanks Ardi.

  • KarelKumar

    loved reading your articles, best of luck with the move.

  • Martin

    Good luck Gordon: have been following your posts about the Guardian with interest, and Twitter seems like a good fit for you – Martin H (Nick Tancock’s old bandmate)

  • gordonmacmillan

    Blimey, that is a blast from the past. Thanks Martin hope you are doing well. Cheers

  • gordonmacmillan

    Thanks Karel.

  • Emanuela – Armando Testa Group

    Gordon, you will be greatly missed, but I wish you all the best in your new life!