Daily Archives: 19 April, 2013

The Explosion of mobile use [infographic]

Great infographic here looking at the explosion of mobile growth from eDigitalResearch and IMRG.

It charts some of the staggering growth we have seen as smartphone ownership soars to around 60% of the overall UK population, having continued to grow at a solid pace over the past 12 months. Read More »

Off to join Twitter

After a long time at Haymarket Media I’m leaving to join Twitter. It is a huge move for me and one that I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve spent about 15 years working in digital journalism and most of that has been as editor of Brand Republic, which I helped launch and has been something that I have greatly enjoyed, and latterly as social media editor. Read More »

What’s the importance of the ‘always on’ approach?

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about the ‘always on’ approach. Agencies, clients, media – everyone has an opinion on why it’s something we should or shouldn’t be adopting, and what it actually means.

Some people say it’s the result of having instant access to data, rather than the previous 72-hour turnaround that Facebook used to make us wait for. Others claim it’s come about purely because social media doesn’t have an ‘off’ switch – and that people can access your content and interact with a brand at any time, anywhere. Read More »

Facebook Home – who’s going to live there?

So Facebook Home is now available on Google Play for the handful of Android ‘phones that officially support it.

Billed by Zuckerberg as “a game changer”, Facebook Home is a new launcher and lock-screen for Android phones that replaces both your lock-screen (where you enter your pin code) and your home screen with a range of Facebook updates from your friends – text, pictures, video and the like. Whilst the Facebook app on Android can already do this, Zuckerberg believes that having a window into the Facebook ecosystem up-front-and-personal will greatly increase the interaction rates that users have with Facebook.  Read More »

Twitter does drive sales, says Deloitte study [infographic]

The big question for many brands when it comes to social media is how does it affect the bottom line? Twitter provided an answer to that question yesterday as it released a study showing how tweets drive sales.

The study by Deloitte, which was launched at the Twitter4Brands event at the Tate Modern on London’s Southbank, showed that tweets not only generate valuable word-of-mouth effects that impacts consumer demand, but positive tweets about a brand directly drive sales. Read More »