10 ways brands can drive Facebook engagement

In this digital age, creating a social media presence is a priority for most brands and with Facebook being the largest social platform; it is usually the first port of call for most marketers.

While launching a channel and gaining Likes may not be your be your biggest struggle, keeping these fans engaged will be. Fans will often ‘Like’ and unlike pages depending on the content that is provided – with competitions being the biggest driver. So how do you keep your fans engaged? Here are our top ten tips:

1.       Keep it short

It may be tempting to copy and paste half a press release onto Facebook but people simply won’t read it. Statistics show the shorter the update, the better, with 180 characters being the top recommended length.

2.       Call to action

Asking your audience a question or rallying a call to action are a great way to drive engagement. Again keep it simple; asking them who invented Post-It’s won’t drive numbers but asking which of your products is their favourite will.

3.       Don’t over sell

You’re a business. You have a product to sell. We get it but overselling it will simply annoy the public and have detrimental effect to your community numbers. Product messages should be intertwined with fun, engaging content.

4.       Offer discounts and/or competitions

Everyone loves a freebie and research shows it is one of the main reasons users follow brands! Competitions and discounts are not just a great way to reward them but can also help to measure the impact of your social strategy, e.g. how many fans used the 10% discount code you shared solely on your social channels?

5.       Promote your best content

Facebook functionality allows you to both highlight and promote your content. While there is a cost associated with promoting content, it is minimal and will drive additional fans to your page. By promoting content with a call to action, you can drive engagement within and outside your fan base.

6.       Use Facebook insights

The analytics in Facebook can offer a wealth of information including what content is being read and shared the most. These insights allow you to create engaging content that you know resonates with your audience.

7.       Use a variety of content

Images and video can help tell your story in a more impactful manner. Updates that feature such assets have a higher rate of engagement than those without.

8.       Turn your audience into a focus group

Your online audience can be your best focus group. Looking to develop a new product, why not ask them for their opinion? Fans love to be part of the development process and appreciate being asked for their opinion – don’t we all?

9.       Don’t drown your audience with content

You’ve got so much to say but your fans don’t want their walls inundated with YOUR content. Keep your updates to a considerate level each day, this of course can be increased around key events but only with content that you know is relevant to your fans, e.g. no one wants to know that Steve in the accounts department got a promotion!

10.   Facebook Advertising

Facebook offers highly targeted advertising allowing you to look at your specific audience group. Though text is limited, the ability to drive call-to-actions can impact on your channels engagement.

James Mulrennan is Social Media Director at Bell Pottinger Wired.