Daily Archives: Thursday, April 18, 2013

Twitter launches Twitter Music

Busy week for Twitter, with a big advertising announcement yesterday, and today we get the much rumoured Twitter Music.

The new music service will Twitter says “change the way people find music, based on Twitter”.

So how does it work? Twitter #music uses Twitter activity, including Tweets and engagement, to detect and highlight the most popular tracks and emerging artists. Read more on Twitter launches Twitter Music…

10 ways brands can drive Facebook engagement

In this digital age, creating a social media presence is a priority for most brands and with Facebook being the largest social platform; it is usually the first port of call for most marketers.

While launching a channel and gaining Likes may not be your be your biggest struggle, keeping these fans engaged will be. Fans will often ‘Like’ and unlike pages depending on the content that is provided – with competitions being the biggest driver. So how do you keep your fans engaged? Here are our top ten tips: Read more on 10 ways brands can drive Facebook engagement…

Social media remained negative during Thatcher funeral [infographic]

Margaret Thatcher funeral - pic via @frasereC4Three infographics here looking at social media reaction to the Margaret Thatcher’s semi state funeral yesterday, which lit up the Twittersphere. While the talked of protests turned out to be something of a damp squib, and few appeared to agreed with them, there were crowds of supporters and many more curious onlookers lining the streets of London leading to St Paul’s Cathedral as the military procession marched slowly by.

The first two infographics look at overall social media sentiment while the third looks at the reaction of national newspaper readers on Twitter. Read more on Social media remained negative during Thatcher funeral [infographic]…

With no control over where your ads appear on Facebook should brands advertise?

After reading Gordon MacMillan’s recent article on The Wall on Facebook advertisers being angered by their ads appearing on rape pages, it has reiterated the importance of brand control within the advertising landscape, especially online.

For any brand, awareness and audience reach are two of the most important factors. Ultimately, brands want to go far and beyond their competition, and there’s no better way to do that than getting your brand creative embedded into your target audience’s mind and extend your reach, therefore increasing your revenue. Read more on With no control over where your ads appear on Facebook should brands advertise?…

Did my blog change Burger King’s bomb creative?

You may have seen my blog on April 1st about Burger King’s new BOMB advert which was illustrated by a nuclear bomb explosion (see left).

Many people thought that it was an April Fool’s joke such was the bad taste and poor creative.

However it was not, it was a serious Burger King marketing campaign that as far as I am aware was used in various countries not just Singapore where I saw it. Read more on Did my blog change Burger King’s bomb creative?…