Daily Archives: 17 April, 2013

Twitter introduces potential advertising game changer with keyword targeting

Twitter is introducing a potential game changer in terms of advertising, keyword targeting in timelines.

From today advertisers will be able to target ads based on what people are saying in their tweets, potentially achieving far higher rates of engagement. Read More »

Facebook launches new Facebook Home ads with Zuckerberg centre stage

Mark Zuckerberg addresses staff in new Facebook Home adWe’ve already seen the bizarre airplane ad that Facebook gave us after the launch of Facebook Home and now it has given us something with slightly less flesh in it and that features none other than CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In the ad Zuckerberg is seen addressing a team of engineers who built Facebook Home as ‘Launch Day’ for Facebook Home arrives. Read More »

Why Vine is the next big thing and how it can grow your brand [infographic]

It has been a few months now since Twitter launched Vine and we saw that first rush of brands experiment with it so it was probably about time it got its own infographic.

We’ve written a little bit about how brands are starting to use it and asked whether brands should be getting on board with it?

We’ve written also about football clubs in particular how they have taken to it and most recently we reported how the charity Kids Company was using Vine to promote donations. Read More »

Twitter donates top Promoted spot to #OneBoston as people show support online

The Boston Globe promoted a Google Document helping people in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombingsIn wake of the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday, Twitter has donated its top Promoted Trend spot to highlight the messages of hope that are being sent out across the network as people show their support.

People have been tweeting using the #OneBoston hashtag to share stories and provide help and support after two people were killed and more than 170 were injured after two homemade bombs went off. Read More »

UK users among most socially engaged in Europe, but US lead overall [infographic]

New research has look into the level of penetration of social networks across various countries and continents, revealing those in which the users are most engaged and listening to brands.

Not surprisingly, North Americans lead the way. Citing the Global Web Index, Synthesio found that in both the US and Canada the level of active social media users within the population was as high as 50%. Read More »