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How brands can use games to unlock insight

In a loud and busy world where competition for our attention continues to grow, the challenge of engaging potential consumers has never been more important – or exciting. And online gaming represents the ultimate engaging web experience.

Recent IAB research confirmed that gaming is twice as engaging as any other media channel – but for the most part, that conversation has focused on using games as an interactive promotion to motivate consumers. But there is another role that games can play in the brand-consumer relationship, and that is as a tool for insight. Read more on How brands can use games to unlock insight…

Guardian launches citizen journalism site GuardianWitness

Twitter user pic of London helicopter crashThe Guardian has launched a citizen journalism platform where readers can submit stories, videos and pictures, which will be published on the new GuardianWitness site.

GuardianWitness has been created in partnership with mobile phone firm EE. GuardianWitness is designed to be the home of user-generated content on The Guardian and highlights increasingly how user-generated content is playing a vital role in reporting news. Read more on Guardian launches citizen journalism site GuardianWitness…

‘Stalker’ ads? Or a brave new world for online consumers?

TopShop: London Fashion Week activitySome people don’t like what we do. They don’t like the fact that they’ll browse Topshop’s new season of shoes, and then see them advertised temptingly within a click’s reach across the next few days.

They don’t like seeing the holidays they’ve researched on a whim, parading across banners and MPUs. They find it ‘spooky’.

Or perhaps it’s the fact that they’re seeing adverts for products or services they actually want that makes them uncomfortable. After, all, we’ve spent so long trying to tune out all those irrelevant ads touting stuff we don’t want, haven’t we? Read more on ‘Stalker’ ads? Or a brave new world for online consumers?…

Tokidoki – turning Japanese through partnerships and social to build a brand

Tokidoki is a cult Italian brand that many mistake for being Japanese. It has that has really used a succession of very cool brand partnerships to elevate the brand and tap into the passion of their fans through social media.

Tokidoki is inspired by Japanese culture and has only been around since 2005 having been created by the Italian artiste Simone Legno. Tokidoki actually means “sometimes” or “from time to time”  in Japanese.

The designs focus on the bright, edgy, cute, witty and eye catching which helps in attracting a series of global brand partners that are at the centre of their marketing strategy. The objective is to cost effectively market a cool brand using other brand’s values, communications channels and customer bases with very little money being spent by Tokidoki.

Read more on Tokidoki – turning Japanese through partnerships and social to build a brand…