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Facebook advertisers are angered by ads appearing on rape pages

Advertisers, including Dove, Vodafone and charities Shelter and the RSPB, have complained to Facebook after their ads appeared on highly offensive pages talking about rape and violence towards women.

The brands have found their ads appearing alongside Facebook group pages with titles such as “This is why Indian girls are raped”, “RAPING!”, “Drop kicking sluts in the teeth” and “kicking your girlfriend in the f**** because she won’t make you a sandwich”.  Read More »

12 distinct social media personalities revealed including ‘Ranters’ and ‘Peacocks’ [infographic]

Curtis Woodhouse: took on a Twitter trollDo you like to strut your stuff when it comes to social media or do you have a tendency to get involved in protracted Twitter debates? Maybe you prefer to stay completely under the radar or hang on the fringes?

Those are just some of the dozen distinct personalities revealed by a research project investigating the extent of the influence of social media in people’s lives.

The survey, conducted by online bank First Direct, found that social media, and the technology we use to access it, could be changing our personalities in quite fundamental ways as some of us exhibit traits very different on social networks to those that we have in the real world.
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The importance of Identity to good UX

The importance of good UX (user experience)

The User Experience (UX) skill demand and job market has been growing steadily over the past few years; and there has been a high level of popularity, interest and buzz around this expertise recently.

Digital publishers, retailers and services are all frightened to death of losing their audiences, revenues, and more importantly their edge in the market place. Investing in UX is seen as an all important part of staying on top in the fast paced digital Read More »

Twitter should be the odds-on favourite affiliate

It took Twitter three and some years to get to one billion tweets. That is now achieved weekly.

That’s a big stat, but it’s always good to start with one of those. Clearly, a lot of those tweets are dross – what people had for breakfast, or their thoughts on last night’s reality show. But an ever growing percentage of it is now commercial activities – companies using Twitter to promote their brand, products and services. In, the broadest sense of the term, Twitter is now becoming an affiliate platform.  Read More »

YouTube celebrates VHS as it introduces ‘tape mode’

While many probably still have a VHS video recorder in their homes somewhere video tapes have long since stopped being a feature of our lives having been replaced by DVDs in 2000.

To celebrate 40 years since the first successfully produced functional prototype VHS player was created YouTube has introduced “tape mode” to give modern online videos that often scratchy VHS look. Read More »