Daily Archives: 12 April, 2013

Marketers don’t think they have the right technology to succeed

For those of us who have preached the virtues of simplicity down the years, e-consultancy’s recent ‘Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Digital Trends for 2013’ made for an interesting read.

The collapse of complex business models – one of Clay Shirky’s signature pieces – long ago caught the eye; when applied to the world of online advertising, it makes for an ever more compelling read.

Particularly when you start to poke around the latest findings, which gives you a decent ‘snap-shot’ of the mood of marketeers in 2013, what are they thinking and above all the challenges are they facing right now. Read More »

3D zombies, glasses and customer loyalty

As analytics have become more sophisticated and marketers have benefited from technology which lets them sift through ‘big data’ to identify and target the elusive customers they are trying to reach.  The latest IBM TV advert on demographics and what makes people different illustrates this trend, as does last summer’s prediction in Forbes — that in five years’ time, chief marketing officers will spend more on IT than chief information officers.

But there’s more to getting a customer’s attention than merely analysing the data – the marketing industry is often the first area of business to adopt emerging technologies, as well.   Read More »

Will Twitter take job recruitment in a new direction?

CVs may have to be condensed down to 140 characters, as Twitter has started to become a new place to announce and search for jobs.

This is not the first time we have written about the use of social media for CVs or social CVs. The number of employers using social networks for recruiting is growing, and LinkedIn has become something of an online CV site. However, with Twitter becoming increasingly important, the job-hunting process could take a new direction. Read More »

The Key to Creativity in the Digital Age – Ignore your problem in order to solve it

A great recent episode from Horizon on BBC Two, looked at ground breaking investigative work into what happens in the brain, when one has an Idea. In more technical parlance, it sought to discern the neural pathway that corresponds with creativity. Read More »