Daily Archives: 11 April, 2013

Social Media Influencers – Are tweeters buyers or sellers?

Influence has to generate an effect – otherwise the initial action wasn’t influential! So what ‘effect’ do social media influence measurement companies purport to measure? These companies tend to have no connection to real-life sales decisions, so they measure any action they can see.

And in the case of Twitter that’s largely based on retweeting of the original message. Which is fine if that message is sent to someone who forwards it on selectively. But as we all know, that’s not the convention of Twitter users. Mass retweeting, not selective retweeting, is the norm. Read More »

The Wikipedia battle over the death of Margaret Thatcher

Good piece in the New Statesman looking at what happened on Wikipedia in the hours after the death of Margaret Thatcher was officially announced on Monday.

A battle of editors broke out on the site with almost 80 edits in the hour following the news breaking. Maybe it is no surprise that many who had previously not been heavy Wikipedia editors all wanted to jump in and add something.  Read More »

Social media doesn’t fix anything – how to plan a successful social campaign

Jeremy Waite, head of social strategy at Adobe EMEA, has produced a nice little deck called quite simply “How to plan a successful social media campaign”.

He kicks it off with an excellent quote and truism about the nature of social media and what it can and can not deliver:

“Social media doesn’t fix anything. It just amplifies things. If your restaurant sucks, it just sucks harder in social media. It doesn’t make your chicken fingers taste better or your beer taste bolder”. The rest of the deck is well worth a look. Read More »

The Facebook Home imagined as a real-life house [infographic]

For anyone who ever wondered what a real home constructed by Facebook would be like there is now an infographic that imagines just this.

It was created in light of Facebook’s announcement last week about Facebook Home, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg says is designed to put “people first instead of apps”. Read More »

What’s Next for Social Media? – The Workplace

By now, we don’t need to explain the value of social media. Social networks have attracted billions of users who log in to participate in discussions, share life experiences, and engage with the content their friends and acquaintances offer up.

In turn, they’ve attracted marketing spend with promises of audience targeting well beyond that found offline. There’s no question that social networks are worth our attention.

The real question is: where will that attention focus next in a rapidly changing landscape? Read More »