Japanese students invent the “girlfriend coat” for lonely geeks

Japanese students invent girlfriend coatAfter sitting around together for too long perhaps bemoaning that their love of Manga comics and general geekery had prevented them from getting girlfriends some Japanese students from the University of Tsukuba have found a solution and developed the “girlfriend coat”.

It is a coat that keeps you company and gives you the feeling that there’s always someone there for you. It hugs you and talks to you and says things to you that a real girlfriend would say such as “you said you’d call”, “I’m sorry! I’m late!” and that “really doesn’t suit you”. 

According to hardware engineer Hikaru Sugiura: “The concept of this device is everyone can get the feeling [of] having a girlfriend.”

At the same time the wearers can have the feeling that they are in fact wearing a Batman utility belt, which as everyone knows is better than a girlfriend.

Of course, no mention of what these guys will do come summer when they have to hang up their girlfriend coats.