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Spotify gets social with release of ‘follow’ button globally

Spotify : you can now follow One DirectionSpotify has rolled out the ‘follow’ button globally, which it first announced in December, further adding to its reputation as the Twitter for music.

The updated music app is now fantastically addictive, with users getting continuing suggestions and a feeds of songs and artists.

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General Motors is back advertising on Facebook again

General Motors is back advertising on Facebook again - advertising Chevrolet SonicAlmost a year after it pulled its $10m ad budget from Facebook General Motors is returning. This was a huge story at the time for Facebook and rocked confidence in the social network.

It is big news that GM is back and its stock got a lift on the back of it rising to $27.3.

GM has said that Chevrolet will be the first of its brands to advertise on Facebook again. It is very important for Facebook and will bolster confidence in it as an advertising platform – even if Sir Martin Sorrell insists  it is not (an idea rejected by agencies). Read More »

Mad Men a marketing evolution – from 3 martinis to 140 characters [infographic]

Mad Men a marketing evolution - from 3 martinis to 140 characters [infographic]The advertising industry depicted in Mad Men of cigarettes and booze is virtually unrecognisable by today’s standards, although it is an industry that still loves to lunch, much to Soho’s relief,  and this infographic shows just how the industry has evolved from 3 martini lunches to 140 characters highlighting a number of key milestones along the way.

Imagine explaining to the creatives of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce about Twitter or YouTube or even email for that matter. While season six of Mad Men moves us forward in time it is largely in 1968 — still three years before the arrival of the first email and almost 30 until Hotmail is launched.

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The Trust Factor: defending your data

The Trust Factor: defending your dataPublisher sites invest valuable time and resources to monitor and understand their audiences, yet often do nothing to protect this valuable data.

As technology evolves, tag-based collectors will grow and could lead to data leakage on an unprecedented scale. This potential loss could contravene the ePrivacy Directive, but also erode consumer trust, as according to research undertaken by Toluna and Evidon, 54% ofUK respondents would feel more positively towards a company if their data was treated correctly. Read More »

Where to next for Three’s Dancing Pony?

Where to next for Three's Dancing Pony?At advertising conferences you often hear people saying things like “Back in the day, consumers were considered eyeballs with wallets” – like passive captives unable to look away, imbibing messaging and responding as intended.

A bit odd (and amusing) to think of consumers of yore as such pliable, complacent beings. More likely that they were a lot more forgiving of messaging because there wasn’t quite so much of it around. Read More »

Japanese students invent the “girlfriend coat” for lonely geeks

Japanese students invent girlfriend coatAfter sitting around together for too long perhaps bemoaning that their love of Manga comics and general geekery had prevented them from getting girlfriends some Japanese students from the University of Tsukuba have found a solution and developed the “girlfriend coat”.

It is a coat that keeps you company and gives you the feeling that there’s always someone there for you. It hugs you and talks to you and says things to you that a real girlfriend would say such as “you said you’d call”, “I’m sorry! I’m late!” and that “really doesn’t suit you”.  Read More »

The Thatcher brand – social media is divided the world over

It’s truly a fascinating experience living in Singapore and seeing the world’s reaction to the joyful, sorry, very sad death of the wicked witch, sorry Margaret Thatcher.

As you can probably tell I am no hypocrite and will happily speak ill of the dead that I had no kind words for in life. If you can’t be true to yourself how can you be true to others? Death makes no difference to how you should feel about someone or something (not implying Thatcher was something but she was often call inhuman…..).

We saw yesterday how quickly news of Thatcher’s death spread on social media now see how the message materialised around the world.


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