Daily Archives: 9 April, 2013

Facebook launches surreal airplane ad to promote Facebook Home

Facebook launches surreal airplane ad to promote Facebook HomeFacebook has released its first TV ad to promote its Facebook Home software on Android, which it announced at a launch event last week.

The ad, which was created by Widen + Kennedy and only its second to date, features a rather surreal set of events where a traveller boarding a plane sees his photos come to life.

Sunbathers reading magazines are discovered inside the hand luggage compartments, a drag queen cabaret appears from the attendant’s service cart, the traveller’s nephew pops up covered in chocolate cake, and cats leap from seat to seat. Read More »

How news of Margaret Thatcher’s death spread on social media [infographic]

As news of  Margaret Thatcher’s death broke yesterday lunchtime it was ITV that won the race on Twitter after the Press Association sent out its historic news flash while the BBC had the most read story.

That sparked the touch paper for more than one million mentions of the former Conservative Party leader, and three time British Prime Minister, on Twitter in the four hours after the announcement. Read More »

Mobile creative and data: A delicate balancing act

Remember when online advertising was seen by brand marketers and agencies as something new, unfamiliar and lacking real proof points of its validity or capability for success? Well, it’s now many years later and digital has firmly cemented itself into the minds and budgets of advertising professionals around the world.

Now it’s mobile’s turn to be looked at with trepidation and distrust because there’s still a lot of learning that needs to happen to understand what works, what doesn’t and how to do it well. While a recent eMarketer report shows a strong pattern of growth in mobile advertising with the UK topping the world in mobile ad spend per user, the metrics of campaign success just aren’t measuring up…yet. Read More »

Marketers need to prepare for the new top tech trends

Metalanguage: Marketers need to prepare for the new top tech trendsOn my return from SXSW, I tried to summarise my thoughts: what I experienced, what inspired me and which technologies are coming up next. I realised that most of what I was thinking about was not a specific technology, language or medium but emerging trends and movements, which are being driven by technology.

3D printing is amazing and will change a lot of things, not because it allows you to print your own Obi-Wan Kenobi figurine but because it democratises product design and innovation. It will help a new wave of makers using 3D printing and other technologies to create, fix and recycle products and services. While 3D printing was all the rage at SXSW, there were a number of other significant tech trends that deserve our attention. Read More »