Daily Archives: 8 April, 2013

From the brick to slick – 40 years of the mobile phone

40 years of the mobile phoneForty years ago this week, Martin Cooper, who headed up Motorola’s communications systems division, made the first known mobile phone call to the amazement of the New Yorkers who were present to witness it.  Cooper had for a long time felt that the future would be one where people had the freedom to communicate by phone on the move, but surely even he could not have envisaged the full impact that mobile phones would have globally 40 years on.  Read More »

Celebrities begin to post promotional ads to their Instagram accounts

Beyonce drinks Pepsi on InstagramIt’s the ongoing question with social media – how do you make a big network earn money and how do you regulate celebrities bypassing regulations to promote products?

Nowhere is this issue more pertinent right now than on Facebook’s $1bn acquisition Instagram, which still does not feature advertising anywhere on the network.

In fact, the problem is even greater than that, as celebrities and brands seek to use the popular platform for their own ad deals, and cut out the Facebook middleman. Read More »

Facebook wants £11 from users who want to contact celebrities

Facebook has introduced a charging scale for users who want to contact people outside their circle of friends, with prices rising to as much as £11 to contact celebrity accounts.

The feature is still in its test phase. It will allow users to bypass the often overlooked “other” mailbox folder and send messages directly to a user’s inbox for a fee – a standard rate of 71p. Read More »

As many as 20 million Twitter accounts are fake, says report

Fake Twitter accounts: Cilia Poon could be one of 20 million Fake accountsDespite the previous high profile publicity surrounding the use of fake Twitter followers the market continues to thrive with estimates now claiming that it has turned into a multi million dollar business.

A new report claims that there are as many as 20 million fake Twitter accounts out there with tens of thousands of new accounts being created each week.

We’ve written about this quite a bit before.  About the Saudi cleric who issued a “Twitter fatwa” and said buying followers was sinful and “Why buying Twitter followers is a total waste of time” following several high profile cases such as  former Conservative parliamentary candidate Mark Clarke and one time Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. Read More »