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Mobile and not TV is the way for social brands to go [infographics]

It’s official: mobile is literally everywhere.

Google tells us that more people around the world now own a mobile phone than own a toothbrush, while the UN just revealed that more people have access to mobile phones than toilets.
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Tweets get Labour blogger reported for ‘death threat’

Tower Hamlets: Canary Wharf, seen from a high-level walkway on Tower BridgeAs Harry’s Place points out this is really quite absurd.  Labour blogger Rob Marchant has been reported to the police for making apparent “death threats” after joking on Twitter.

Marchant was chatting on Twitter with some other Labour Tweeters about the possible return of controversial directly elected mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, who quit the party and ran as an independent candidate.

The tweets were picked up by Rahman’s team, who have been at war with some Labour activists, and reported to the police. Read More »

Where content marketers go wrong­­­ – 5 rules for brands

According to a report published recently by CopyPress’ – the 2013 State of Content Marketing Study– 34.8% of marketers are making content marketing their main focus during 2013.

That’s twice as many as in 2012 and it places content marketing above search engine optimisation, mobile communications and media buying in marketers’ overall list of priorities. But while there is a clear shift in attention towards content marketing as a key business tool, do marketers and brands really have the skillsets to capitalise on this growing trend? Read More »

Prince not crazy about Twitter’s Vine as legal action threatened

Prince asks for Vines to be taken downPrince, who almost three years ago declared “the internet is over”, seems to have had a change of heart. He has filed a copyright complaint with Twitter over a number of Vine videos that feature clips from his songs.

His record label, NPG recordsfiled a DMCA copyright complaint that asked Twitter to remove eight clips that contain his songs and which have now been removed. Read More »