Programmatic buying brings new opportunities to digital advertising

Embracing the evolution of digital advertising is a necessity. Programmatic buying is a relatively new approach to the market; it presents a great opportunity for a more transparent and efficient way of selling vast amounts of digital space. Using premium display alongside automated services can increase revenue for all publishers.

It is important for publishers to have an in-depth understanding of how both bespoke sales teams and automated trading can enhance their digital offering; truly understanding these options is the first step. In order to use these complementary options efficiently, every publisher needs to determine what their unique proposition is and what they want to be known for as a publisher.

Bespoke site specific advertising requires a structured, highly skilled and targeted workforce that understands the product they are selling, and its creative possibilities, inside and out. This is absolutely essential to deliver highly creative, interactive and 100% bespoke adverts in a timely and efficient manner, and get the most out of the marriage between bespoke and programmatic.

Take the site as an example of a publisher who has looked at the role of programmatic and married it with bespoke advertising. Being a content rich brand with endless commercial opportunities, they require a specialised sales team with food and drink expertise coupled with automation to optimise their digital advertising.

In the UK, 12% of total all online ad sales came from real time bidding in 2012 and growth continues apace. Therefore there is no doubt in my mind that digital media will start to mirror the scale of the TV market, and the practice of programmatic buying is exactly what marketers need to take that next step up in terms of their investment in digital. The collaboration of bespoke, contextually relevant adverts and programmatic buying can accelerate this shift. If both forms of advertising are embraced and work alongside each other, there is an opportunity to create a bigger market share for digital media.

Primarily, publishers need to have a full understanding of their options for digital advertising, and once they have fully defined their proposal and positioning, they should embrace both programmatic and bespoke advertising in order to maximise every revenue opportunity.

Julian Miall, Group Managing Director, AD2ONE.