Old Spice mocks marketing directors in new Wolfdog YouTube film

Old Spice marketing director Mr WolfdogOld Spice pokes some fun at marketing directors in a new YouTube ad that announces the arrival of “Director Wolfdog, Old Spice’s new Director of Marketing” and promotes the Old Spice Wild Collection.

Mr Wolfdog has taken the “smart decision to create this popular website to show you all of my marketings”.

Unlike some Mr Wolfdog is at least on the curve with his GIF laden Tumblr blog making him possibly the first non-human marketing director/wolfdog with a blog and a Twitter account and a human voice (provided via advanced wolfdog technology).

The ad follows two online and TV Old Spice spots  for its Wild Collection last month, “poker face” and “irresistible”, featuring men managing to increase their allure with the help of some wolves.

Created by Wieden & Kennedy Portland, the Wild Collection includes the three masculine scents Foxcrest, Hawkridge and Wolfthorn.

Possibly a message from Proctor & Gamble to any marketing directors out there who are not making the grade, Mr Wolfdog tells us: “Sometimes you gotta eat people, America. That’s how business works.”

You can follow his  “twitters” and readings on his blog” to learn more about Old Spice. Not sure it entirely works.