Tweeting from the afterlife

This one’s a bit creepy, but fascinating too. ‘LivesOn’ is a new Twitter app, designed to tweet for you after you pass away. (Nice one, Darren)

Launching in March, the service uses Twitter bots powered by algorithms that analyse your online behaviour and learn how you speak. The app can then continues to scout the internet once you’ve passed away, favouriting tweets and posting the sort of links you like – creating a personal digital afterlife. As the tagline explains: “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting.”

Dave Bedwood, creative partner of Lean Mean Fighting Machine, the London-based ad agency that is developing it, told the Guardian: “It divides people on a gut level, before you even get to the philosophical and ethical arguments,” says

“It offends some, and delights others. Imagine if people started to see it as a legitimate but small way to live on. Cryogenics costs a fortune; this is free and I’d bet it will work better than a frozen head.”

  • Evamay78

    Black Mirror series 2 episode 1?

  • Michal Smetana

    Wow, this one is really creepy. I can’t help it, but I just can’t see the added value why people should use it.