New blogger database to give marketers access to thousands of blogs

Bloggerbase - new blog outreach service for marketersA new database of bloggers who have opted in to hear from brands and marketers has been launched. This is undoubtedly a good idea that could have a positive impact for marketers looking to do blogger outreach well.

Called it has already signed up more than 2,500 blogs. Marketers can sign up to the service, launched by two PR execs, and choose from a number of different packages, from individual access allowing internal messaging through to organisational access with the ability to export email addresses. 

The system has been set up to allow bloggers, who will be able to use Bloggabase to help monetise their blogs, to report irrelevant messages from marketers to ensure that those pitching are making the right kind of approaches.

Bloggabase includes around 2,000 bloggers from the UK and 600 from the US covering areas ranging from home and lifestyle, health and beauty,  fashion, parenting, food and drink, technology and travel.

For marketers wanting to subscribe to prices start from £100 per month. There will be a free trial on offer soon.

Rich Leigh, co-founder of says marketers can start to build a relationship with bloggers who actually want to hear what they have to say.

“Provided your pitch is relevant, you can reach niche audiences who are likely to be interested in buying whatever it is you’re promoting. It’s win-win and that’s why we decided to create it. We can actually have a hand in improving the way PR people and other marketers contact bloggers, which until now has been broken,” Leigh says.

  • Chris Norton

    I am so chuffed Rich is giving this a go properly. All good PRs and digital marketers want a decent database that helps make our jobs a little bit easier.

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