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The real measure of social media success is: how does it help my business?

The worst thing about social media is not being unable to measure it – in fact there is arguably too much to measure.

Likes, retweets, favourites, new fans, members, comments, complaints… it’s a long list.

But on their own, or even taking a couple together – these measurements are a distraction from what really matters. Just like you can convince yourself that you’re doing important work when you are down a wormhole on Twitter – yet you know that when your crunch time comes around, that won’t wash at all. Read More »

Apple meets with Beats as Dr Dre firm plans to rival Spotify in music streaming

SNL'S KENAN THOMPSON WORKS AT BEATS STORE - SOHO New YorkApple has reportedly held talks with Beats Electronics, the headphones firm founded by hip-hop producer Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine, about its new music streaming service for which it this week raised $60m.

Tim Cook, the Apple executive, is said to have met with Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine late last month as Beats’ readies its streaming service. The service is named “Project Daisy” and was announced in January. Read More »

Welcome to Google – a place where they rap and dance

Do you remember that time when staff at Spaient Nitro made a promotional rap video that was so awful and took so much flack that the digital agency took it down? Of course you do. The agency, which started trending on Twitter, made the situation worse by deleting every negative comment on Facebook.

The question is does the world need anymore rap videos from technology firms or about technology? If you answered no, that is the wrong answer. Welcome to the “Google Plex”. Read More »

‘The Next Big Thing’ vs. ‘The Laws of Physics’ – How Samsung won me over

The Samsung Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy: smartphone brand doubles UK market shareI had the luxury of a long break in December during which I went to a friend’s wedding in the Himalayan foothills.

When distracted by the stunning scenery, a light fingered passerby made away with my unattended purse. Luckily it had been emptied of passport and wallet the previous day, so the only real loss was my Smartphone. My pathway to friends, chronicler of past and diarist of the future, irreplaceable extension of my bionic existence – I was crushed. Well…briefly anyway. Read More »

New blogger database to give marketers access to thousands of blogs

Bloggerbase - new blog outreach service for marketersA new database of bloggers who have opted in to hear from brands and marketers has been launched. This is undoubtedly a good idea that could have a positive impact for marketers looking to do blogger outreach well.

Called Bloggabase.com it has already signed up more than 2,500 blogs. Marketers can sign up to the service, launched by two PR execs, and choose from a number of different packages, from individual access allowing internal messaging through to organisational access with the ability to export email addresses.  Read More »

How to make real-time creativity count

The oreo super bowl ad that ran on TwitterThe Super Bowl, the Brit Awards and the Oscars have acted as honeypots for brands seeking to ride the real-time zeitgeist in recent weeks.

There has been some truly inspired activity, like the now infamous Oreo tweet during the Super Bowl blackout. But there have been many more half-baked efforts that fail to be embraced by social communities or to add any real value to the brand involved. This can lead to a whole lot of wasted time and energy that does a brand’s reputation more harm than good. Read More »

Pinterest vs Flickr – the battle for photo dominance

In services like Pinterest, Flickr, and Instagram (not to mention Facebook and Twitter,) photos have become a critical frontier in the battle for web dominance, particularly in the social  space.

While Instagram is dominating in mobile, an  interesting war is raging between Yahoo’s Flickr, and  online pinboard Pinterest. They may different style services, but fundamental comparisons can be made, and are very revealing about the directions the web is going in.
Read More »