How to be good at social media without having to try [infographic]

Having read as much about social media as we know you have you will be well aware that you’re often given an awful lot of different advice about what works best in social and what doesn’t. This infographic isn’t by any means a by all and end all, but it does put down some key techniques, key tools, good advice on the kind of tweets you might like to send and suggestions of soical media templates to follow all in one handy place. Enjoy.

  • shortformblog

    When posting stuff like this, giving proper credit and linkage is important. In fact, if I were to add to this one-sheet, that’s the first thing I’d add.

    That’s why it particularly bugs me that despite requesting multiple times via Twitter that they add some sort of link to my site, they haven’t. Not cool.

    This was not an infographic but a two-page handout that was turned into a single page. If anyone is looking to share this, please replace this image with this version, which gives an original source:

    Thank you for reading,

    Ernie Smith,
    Editor of
    The guy who created this sheet

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  • the_maple_kind

    Thanks for the awesome infographic!
    If you’d like to have a laugh, take a look at this funny infographic about facebook! :)