With Tesco at its centre – how the horsemeat scandal spread socially [infograpahic]

Tesco has become the brand most connected with the horsemeat scandalAs Tesco slowly responds to the horsemeat scandal in terms of social media, although you it has announced a new consumer food news website, you can see from this infographic that by far and away it remains the most connected with the food chain scandal in social channels.

The number of mentions it has racked up far outstrip those of its supermarket rivals.

What’s interesting in all of this is rival Sainsbury’s. Its  name has rarely been connected to the scandal.  The UK’s second biggest supermarket last week  confirmed no horse meat was found in its beef products following 250 tests in line with the Food Standards Agency rules. Sainsbury’s had withdrawn some burger lines last month amid the food scandal, but has since confirmed it has not found any traces of horse DNA.

Sainsbury’s was also the only retailer to increase share, beating the market with a 4.6% growth rate, according to Kantar figures, while the toll on Tesco’s share came under pressure during the 12 week period (to February 17), with a drop from 30.1% a year ago to 29.7% now. The fall could be attributed to the horsemeat scandal (see full table beneath the infographic).

Tesco is only one of a number of high-street brands which have been engulfed by the horsemeat scandal and they are all here.  Findus and Aldi also scored highly.

Infographic via Digimind.