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The fail trail – the do’s and don’ts when a social media PR crises hits [infographics]

How United Airlines failed in a social media crisesMore often than not, silence is never the best option when it comes to company gaffes.

A holding statement acknowledging an issue is good, it shows empathy and action. The next step is to establish the facts of the scenario and to make a further, timely response when these are established. Read More »

Spotify to the rescue? Digital music brings boost to the industry

Music sales have have risen for the first time in 14 years, mostly on the back of the industry realising it is to their advantage to make music easily and legally available online. The details emerged in two reports that were released yesterday. The IFPI Digital Music Report showed a 0.3% rise, amazingly the biggest rise since 1999. A report by the NPD group showed that peer-to-peer music download services dropped by 17%.

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Social media spend by marketers set to more than double — led by consumer goods

Social media spending as a percentage of marketing budgets will more than double over the next five years, according to a survey of almost 500 chief marketing officers in the US, which also found integration of social remains a key issue.

Chief marketing officers say they are currently spending 8.4% of their budgets on social media and expect that to increase by more than 40% over the next year to 11.5%, and in the next five years, it will reach 21.6% the survey found. Read More »

Social is a potent business weapon – it’s time brands got serious

As companies begin to realise customer experience is the next battleground in the social world, social media presents both challenges and opportunities. A social strategy is no longer just a nice to have, and is often seen as the primary driver behind the increased customer focus in many organisations today – CEOs in many instances are the ones paving the way for this social focus. Read More »

Is Twitter worth its $10bn valuation? Yes it is and it could be the next Google

Last month there was a report saying that Twitter had officially been valued at more than $9bn following an offer to staff by asset management firm BlackRock. That provided a new valuation of the microblogging firm, which had previously been valued in the $8bn and $11bn ballpark. Nice park.

Last night the Wall Street Journal published a story where a writer spent a week trying to write a column “that proved Twitter wasn’t worth $10 billion”.

You can understand why. This is a company if you look at its current revenues isn’t a $10bn company, but everything else points to this being the case, which is why the writer gave up. Read More »