High-street brands need more digital PR to unify approach

HMV’s wounds are a stark example of the beating high-street brands are taking from online competitors. It is one of a long list of retail brands that have been battered on the high street. Others that have either closed or face an uncertain future include Jessops, fashion chain Republic and Blockbusters.

All are seemingly casualties of the digital age as many high-street retailers struggle against the tide of convenience offered to consumers by online shopping models.

So what is the solution? We spoke to retail PR expert, Caireen Wackett, who is a partner at PR firm Portas — founded by Mary “Queen of Shops” Portas — about the role digital PR can play in savingBritain’s ailing high-street.

Wackett argues that PR should be the unifying force that brings together the over arching strategy of high-street brands. She says: “Digital and social media can play a key role in humanising a brand and communicating what the brand stands for.”

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