Daily Archives: 26 February, 2013

Instagram passes 100 million active user mark

Instagram has just announced that it has passed the 100 million active user landmark. That’s a huge achievement for the Facebook own photo app coming as it does after a bumpy few months. Back in December Instagram changed its terms and conditions, angering users who were worried about their pictures being sold without their consent and contributing to a string of events that led to the site losing 20 million users.

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High-street brands need more digital PR to unify approach

HMV’s wounds are a stark example of the beating high-street brands are taking from online competitors. It is one of a long list of retail brands that have been battered on the high street. Others that have either closed or face an uncertain future include Jessops, fashion chain Republic and Blockbusters.

All are seemingly casualties of the digital age as many high-street retailers struggle against the tide of convenience offered to consumers by online shopping models.

So what is the solution? We spoke to retail PR expert, Caireen Wackett, who is a partner at PR firm Portas — founded by Mary “Queen of Shops” Portas — about the role digital PR can play in savingBritain’s ailing high-street. Read More »

How to engage with fans socially beyond the football terraces

   Engaging with football fans in social media beyond the terracesI was at Old Trafford recently… I felt the excitement of 76,000 fans as Ian Brown’s voice belted out of the speaker system ‘This is the One’. I did something that I couldn’t have done before the start of this season, when Old Trafford improved its connectivity and offered free Wi-fi to fans. I sent a tweet and my 1,007 followers got a tiny piece of FA Cup excitement as it was happening in real time. In some strange way they felt connected to the game through me. Read More »

Is content shaping our travel choices? [infographic]

Increasingly, content is having a significant impact upon the travel and tourism industry. In fact, content is shaping the choices travellers make when it comes to hotels, restaurants, activities and even the destinations themselves. Read More »

From the Brits to the Oscars Twitter reveals award season 2013′s hosts with the most

Sunday night the curtain closed on the 85th Academy Awards, officially drawing the two-month long run of awards around music and film to a finish. They were peppered with proud moments, like Daniel Day Lewis’ third Best Actor scoop making Oscar history, well as more confusing ones, like Prince actually endorsing Gotye’s music. But some of the most skilled performers out there are the hosts themselves. It falls to them carry the show through and make it at the least watchable, at the most memorable (and with the advent of Twitter in TV ratings, mentionable). Read More »

WPP’s Sorrell says Twitter is a “PR medium” not an advertising one

Sir Martin Sorrell: Twitter is a PR mediumSir Martin Sorrell, the WPP Group chief executive, has been talking to the Harvard Business Review about everything from the state of the advertising business, to social media and emerging technology.

His interview takes in such topics as programmable T-shirts and Google Glass, and he also had a few things to say about Facebook and Twitter, and why he doesn’t think they are advertising media. Read More »