Four tips to help you get the best from LinkedIn and enhance your SEO

Out of the many social media platforms out there, used by companies to attract social signals to their business sites, and enhance their SEO campaigns, one platform is often much underused. LinkedIn is a great way for businesses, especially those who are dealing in services likel law or marketing, to build up connections, and a following, as well as take part in discussions in groups heavily related to your line of business.

Not only do you gain “social signals”, but are actively networking with the very people you are looking to attract to your website in the first place when you market your website on the search engines. Here are some benefits a well managed LinkedIn account can give your business:

1. A lot of groups to join

A lot of the groups that you can join here are regularly read and linked too. This makes them very powerful social signals should you successfully create your own discussions and link them back to your website. Some groups have home pages that are PR 5 or 6 in strength. You also get the ability to be writing something, or posing a question to the very people you are targeting online to get business from with whatever marketing campaigns you are currently running.

2. Get more connections

The more connections you get, the bigger the following you have on your profile. You can target CEO’s or managers, and this gives you some control over what the demographic will be of the people you are connected to. Whenever you gain a connection, you are well advised to go through their connections and invite them to connect to you, as long as they are in the industry or demographic that you will find useful to contact in the future.

You need not worry about whether they will accept or deny your request for a connection. Most people on LinkedIn see the value of having large amounts of connections to use as potential contacts or as an audience for their own information. A large number of connections means that you can post content for their attention much the same as you would on Twitter or Facebook. The larger the numbers you post content to, the higher the chance of that content finding an interested party. There are many companies who solely use LinkedIn to gain clients for their business.

3. It helps to get endorsed

You can encourage those you have contact with to endorse skills that you have advertised yourself having. This may seem like a rather erroneous task, but it is worth it, and will help to add authority to your profile should potential clients be looking through it. One trick to gain a lot of endorsements is to agree to endorse other users, for the sake of simplicity from your own connections, as long as they agree to return the favour. You want to have at least 10 -15 skills endorsed by at least 4 different people. Recommendations follow exactly the same rule of thumb.

4. Group discussions can be like guest posts

With high value PR platforms waiting for you to comment on and link back to your site or content, as well as many of the exact demographic that your business is trying to attract regularly using  this platform, the advantages to the SEO of a website are obvious. We all know the value of having large pools of people to send content out to, to gain like or re tweets, LinkedIn offers us an equally rewarding platform to market our content and information. Discussions in group can have the same value as Guest Post Comments, allowing other businesses to see the authority that you have within your niche.

This is incredibly powerful should those people ever want to contact someone in your industry for a particular service. They are more likely to choose you. If you are not effectively using LinkedIn to enhance your website traffic, or add value to your businesses SEO campaign, then you may want to give it a visit and take advantage of the website and business authority that is waiting for you there.

Dan Vassiliou is Managing Director of

  • Enduranceseo

    As a business to business platform LinkedIn can really help you gain a great deal of connections within you target industries as well as provide a gateway for traffic to your business website

  • jonclements

    While I agree about the value that LinkedIn offers in SEO terms, I’d recommend some caution with the approaches you suggest.

    Before posting in groups, you need to be aware of any group rules that exist. Some groups are more relaxed than others about posting content that is clearly self-promotional.

    Trying to gain connections en masse may risk the appearance of spamming if there isn’t some relevance for the potential connection you’re appealing to. This presents a more long-term risk to the reputation of the “mass connections seeker” as a LinkedIn pest! Senior decision makers are not going to waste time opening themselves up to being sold to if there isn’t sufficient reason for it.

    Just as in any social media environment, any activity needs to be relevant and authentic to the community. This takes some judgement in order to not make the mistake of using LinkedIn as just another marketing channel.

  • ChrisJReed

    Cool article Dan, LinkedIn is an incredible vehicle especially cross border. Since I came to Singapore i have used it extensively to gain contacts, create new meetings and generate new business right across Asia Pacific.

    The positive envrionment here for connecting and seeing people through messages on linkedin maybe down to 40% of the workforce being foreign and therefore people like to connect with similar expats. However it has also worked for me in targeting people in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, India. People are happy to meet you if you connect them on linkedin and say you are coming to a country for a certain time frame.

    It allows one:one marketing to decision makers like no other platform but it is purely a business platform and when people try and use it for other things they get short shift. In that way it’s much better than facebook/twitter as you know who you’re reaching and all about them and whether they are the right person.

    Groups are also great if you post a thought provoking blog and start a discussion which can get quite lively.

    It’s only going to grow and those who maximise it’s use will benefit!

    Thank for sharing!