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Netflix’s House of Cards: Full house or trumped?

Netflix’s unique content play, “House of Cards”, starring Kevin Spacey, has satisfied its subscriber base in the US according to a small survey by Cowen. It has also made their subscribers more loyal.

However it failed to take off from a word of mouth perspective and the content was mediocre rather than exceptional. In light of this both move from Netflix what is the future of content v’s distribution channels in the digital age and who will gain the most from this change in dynamics?


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Meaningful behaviours behind social media


The Facebook puppy Kids: challenged by parents to get a million likes if they wanted a puppyEverything started with my mom. On Christmas day she asked: “What are you doing?”

I replied: “I’m Tweeting about how your culinary mastery has threatened to turn me into a rolling Zorba.”

“Tweeting?” she repeated, twitching her nose as if I mentioned an ugly disease.

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Four tips to help you get the best from LinkedIn and enhance your SEO

Out of the many social media platforms out there, used by companies to attract social signals to their business sites, and enhance their SEO campaigns, one platform is often much underused. LinkedIn is a great way for businesses, especially those who are dealing in services likel law or marketing, to build up connections, and a following, as well as take part in discussions in groups heavily related to your line of business. Read More »

Facebook ads – why they add up for brands when done properly

Facebook ads - why they add up for brands when done properlyEvery time I pick up a newspaper just lately there’s another story about Facebook – as the world’s largest social network it’s obviously going to attract controversy and last week was no different, as The Sun ran a story on how bookies are ‘buying advertising space which appears on children’s Facebook news feeds’.  Even though, of course, children aren’t the target demographic.   Read More »

Content is king maker in the world of movies

Box office hits such as Skyfall and Taken 2 and much loved classics present brands with a new and timely route to engage customers with movies. With the decline of traditional high street video retailers coupled with the uptake of new internet-based technologies there is an unprecedented opportunity for brands to fill the gap vacated by physical sales and drive digital consumption in its place.

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Interflora and when SEO turns ugly: why brands need a social approach

Interflora had a bad week last week. Previously, the florist was easily one of the most high profile brands online in terms of search – as of Wednesday, Google has effectively wiped it off the internet, removing it from search results for common search terms like ‘flowers’ or ‘flower delivery’, and even for its own brand name.

While Google is yet to comment officially about why it’s so annoyed with Interflora, it’s not hard to guess why. It seems as though Interflora has been indulging in some suspect link-building, both by sending flowers and other products to bloggers and demanding that they link to them in return, and by buying advertorials without nofollow tags on newspaper sites. Read More »