Possibly the second greatest ever Twitter conversation

We’ve been here before with great, and by that I mean very funny, conversations on Twitter. Last year we had what became known as “possibly the greatest conversation on Twitter ever”. It involved a humorous exchange between @The_Dolphin_Pub in Hackney and coffee brand @DouweEgbertsuk. This afternoon saw another great exchange. It again involved @The_Dolphin_Pub whose tweets come from the fingers of professional Tweeter David Levin who also works for brands such as Adidas among others. This time around it was The Dophin Pub and a Stoke Newington restaurant @Mangal2 tweeting back and forth.

The pair were drawn into conversation by Claire Berry who is the events manager at Soho House. Berry idly wondered if the voices of the @The_Dolphin_Pub and the @Mangal2 were the same people. This is what happened next: