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Oscars fever: People take to social media in support of Argo and Affleck [infographic]

In anticipation of the Academy Awards 2013 on Sunday night, the public are taking to social media in their droves to discuss which films and actors they think should win the coveted golden statues.

According to business information group Precise, if Oscars were awarded based on social media discussions and review sites, then Argo would be a dead cert for the coveted best film gong. Three quarters of organic conversations within social media about Argo were favourable in tone and the film has generated the greatest number of mentions in connection with this year’s Oscars. Read more on Oscars fever: People take to social media in support of Argo and Affleck [infographic]…

Instagram’s demise has been greatly exaggerated

Back in December Instagram changed its terms and conditions, angering users who were worried about their pictures being sold without their consent and contributing to a string of events that led to the site losing 20 million users.

Just days before the miscalculated T&Cs announcement, the Facebook-owned site had disabled its Twitter card integration, meaning it would no longer display images properly on Twitter. This, it claimed, was because it wanted users to view pictures on a new Instagram website, specifically built for the task. Read more on Instagram’s demise has been greatly exaggerated…

Possibly the second greatest ever Twitter conversation

We’ve been here before with great, and by that I mean very funny, conversations on Twitter. Last year we had what became known as “possibly the greatest conversation on Twitter ever”. It involved a humorous exchange between @The_Dolphin_Pub in Hackney and coffee brand @DouweEgbertsuk. This afternoon saw another great exchange. It again involved @The_Dolphin_Pub whose tweets come from the fingers of professional Tweeter David Levin who also works for brands such as Adidas among others. Read more on Possibly the second greatest ever Twitter conversation…

What sport can teach us about the power of content?

Ian Wright’s hit Saturday show, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Football’.In the increasingly social world of sports marketing we talk tirelessly about the need for ‘authentic content’ that will ‘gather a passionate fan base’ and ‘trigger dialogue.’  All in an effort to create a social media platform for brands.

The challenge with sport is looking for authentic and quality content to come from fans themselves. You only need to jump onto the next trending sports event to see an endless stream of tweet-from-the-hip comments that say next to nothing and are more motivated by a desire to be visible in the conversation than to drive debate.  While this fan-babble still delivers a big reach opportunity for a sponsor, it does little to build brand equity. Read more on What sport can teach us about the power of content?…

How to handle social media in a crisis

Tesco has been at heart of the horsemeat in Burgers scandalIt’s been a tough few weeks for the companies involved in the  ‘horsemeat in burgers’ crisis, especially after the onslaught of criticism received over the way the Twitterati has been handled.

But what do you do if you’re suddenly caught up in a national issue on Twitter and how do you best  handle an angry customer on Facebook? Read more on How to handle social media in a crisis…

Trust, Tradition and Transactions: Digital Adventures in China

As Chinese New Year celebrations draw to a close, it is a great opportunity to reflect on what the Year of the Snake could mean for UK businesses looking to take advantage of the huge market potential in China.

Chinese wisdom states that the Snake brings good luck, and that the year ahead will be a period marked by ‘steady progress and attention to detail, where focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create’. Read more on Trust, Tradition and Transactions: Digital Adventures in China…

No more Page 3 puts social media pressure on Lego over Sun promotion

Lego is targeted by No More Page 3 campaign over its Sun promotionThe campaign pushing for the Sun newspaper to drop its topless Page 3 girl feature is targeting advertisers including Lego on social media. The toy brand is running a promotion in the paper from Saturday giving out tokens to encourage parents of small children to buy the newspaper and redeem the tokens for Lego toys. It is not the first campaign that the Danish toy firm has run with the Sun and nor is it the first time it has been targeted by the growing #NoMorePage3, which has racked up around 90,000 signatures.

Last time around the campaign targeted Lego’s half term promotion with a Lego figure of its own called Leanne, 22, from Legoland (pictured).

Read more on No more Page 3 puts social media pressure on Lego over Sun promotion…

Facebook the super mobile brand powers the mobile universe

Recent figures from facebook reveal that more people are accessing the brand via the tablet and smartphone app/mobile website than a personal computer website. This is a game changer for all connected industries.

Up 57% last quarter facebook now has 680 million users accessing the brand on mobile compared with 380 million on desktop.

Zuckerberg himself says that “facebook is now a mobile company”.

With this change comes the facebook commitment to ensure that “mobile first experiences” are content savvy and satisfying ensuring that this trend will only keep growing. What does this mean for digital brands and digital marketing?

Read more on Facebook the super mobile brand powers the mobile universe…