Dulux has a mini Oreo moment on Twitter at the BRIT Awards

Dulux has an Oreo moment at the 2013 Brit AwardsDulux, the paint brand, had a bit of a mini Oreo moment last night at the 2013 BRIT Awards.

It wasn’t quite on the same scale as that achieved by Oreo during the Super Bowl blackout, when the lights went out at the New Orleans Superdome for 35 minutes, and the cookie brand tweeted an ad that went on to be shared more than 22,000 times, but it was in a similar vein.

It came as the BRIT Awards was still on the air and the Damien Hirst designed dotted winner’s statuette was getting a good deal of attention. Dulux sent a tweet with a picture that showed quick thinking and demonstrated how brands can benefit from being switched on at the right social media moments.

The tweet read “Looks like Damien Hirst may have used some of our favourites on the #BRITs2013 award!” and ran alongside a picture of the Hirst statue and a Dulux colour chart.

It might not have won the big time recognition that the Oreo blackout ad received, but it certainly showed that the right kind of real time thinking can pay dividends and get brands noticed if they can be flexible and creative in their approach to social media.

In the end the Dulux tweet was only shared 30 times although I think it deserved a lot more attention than that.

Like the Oreo ad it is difficult to estimate is reach, but it is fair to say that it was seen by many more people than those who shared it.

The tweet was created by Dulux’s digital agency AnalogFolk and Stephen Pirrie, social strategy director at the agency, said that it had devised a strategy for reactive posts that allowed it to plan for known-upcoming events and be nimble with unforeseen happenings or memes in order to move quickly.

“We are in the process of talking through our approach with all our social clients and they are very positive towards it.  We knew The Brits would represent a very high volume of conversation on social platforms, dominated by Twitter so we planned to create a piece of content that wouldn’t simply piggyback the hashtag, but would offer the brand’s own perspective on the event.

“The 2013 statue design was a bit of a gift really – it was so well suited to Dulux’s belief in the power of colour. The tweet clearly expresses Dulux’s positioning around colour and neatly supports its Let’s Colour Awards in which it celebrates creativity in colour. We worked closely with the Dulux Colour & Design team in the process and turned it around within a few hours,” Pirrie said.

UPDATE – Here is a graph showing the reach that Dulux tweet scored via Simon Sanders. 

You can see that the Dulux tweet at its high point scored a reach of almost 50,000.

Dulux reach from its Damien HIrst BRIT awards tweet

  • http://twitter.com/samuelofc Samuel Bateman

    It’s not really the same as the Oreo moment is it. This is the sort of content that can be created well in advance to a popular event. Oreo nailed it by being creative very quickly.

  • Mark

    I could reach 30 people by shouting out of the window

  • James Newman

    This is my favourite comment. Ever. And so true.

  • Topher Knowles

    How many people work at AnalogFolk?

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  • Thom

    They’ve done a better job PRing it than they did getting it shared

  • gordonmacmillan

    The reach wasn’t 30 that was the number who shared it. Have added a graph to give some perspective on reach.

  • http://www.socialbakers.com/ Michal Smetana

    I have to agree with Samuel on this. This isn’t even remotely close to the situation Oreo used in the blackout. They were spontaneous, quick and it was something really apt and creative to the current situation. Whereas this is something that could’ve been planned weeks before it has been published. Don’t you think?

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